Barong is an interactive story created during a 24 hour game jam created and directed by Shelley Chen.

The game features a deer who encounters spirits and transforms into different animals to experience life in an unfamiliar forms.

Barong gameplay Video

Barong is a story that explores what people desire.

Players interact with elements in the scene, engaging in conversations and uncovering clues.

The goal: to transform Barong into different animals and experience life from a new perspective.

Barong's visuals are based on paper cutouts inspired by traditional Balinese shadow puppets.


Style Frames For Chapter 1

Shot 01 :

Barong meets a fish.

Barong: How can I swim like you?

Fish: You have to have beautiful scales like me! They sparkle!

Barong: Where can I get those scales?

Fish: I am born with them... sorry I can't help you.

shot 02 :

Barong ask the crooked tree, "Have you see any sparkles?"

Tree: My leaves sparkle through the sunlight, the sun gave it to me.

Shot 03 :

The wind takes Barong to the beach to find sparking sea shells.


Character Sheets

Barong original form

The sparkle fish

Barong fish form

Original drawings of the shots

Original drawings of the transformation

Transformation concept :

Barong jumps into the water with the sparkling sea shells, As he swims, he is transformed.