24 Hours Game Jam - WOOD WARS

Team Lead/ Programming: Alex Jarocha-Ernst
UI: Warren Hwang
Art: by Shelley Chen


Inspired by the concept of forest succession, in which the composition of a piece of wild land will change over time as the plants and animals there change the environment and make it favorable for different plants.



by Kevin Zeng & Shelley Chen


Studio Final - UNCOVERED

 Programming/Game Design: Kevin Zeng
Art/ Game Design: by Shelley Chen



The player has to solve puzzles in the form of questions that the ruined gates provide. The player has to interact with the magical animals, ruins, and rocks to get the correct answer. The words themselves contain their own meanings and form a new language. Left clicking moves the character around, and when you right click on the characters player will see a radial menu that shows the vocabulary that Bunzu has “learned” or the words that can answer the questions that the ruins ask the player.


Game Concept art